Praise for Put Out The Stars:

Balancing fragility and strength, introspection and unblinking observation, Oakland singer, songwriter, and pianist Rachel Efron sets her lambent, poetically charged lyrics to soft, caressing melodies. -- Andrew Gilbert, SF Chronicle  >> link to full review

"It's not fair to leave a radio host speechless." -- Derk Richardson, during live performance and interview on KPFA's "Hear & Now"

Efron proves herself to be an exceptional singer-songwriter-pianist.  Literate lyrics and haunting melodies make this collection special.  Efron’s vocals are genuine, delicate and deeply moving. This is profoundly pleasurable pop with rich classical influences woven throughout. -- Paul Freeman, Mercury News  >> link to full review

Rachel is a very good pianist and her beautiful plaintive voice is perfectly suited for her music.  The piano intro for “Closing Day” with its unexpected chord changes is a good example of her clever compositions. -- A.J. Wachtel, The Noise: Music New England  >> link to full review

On her new album, 'Put Out The Stars,' Efron breaks the imaginary pane of glass that separates herself from her listeners. -- Teresa Thomas, Ashland Mail Tribune >> link to full article

Efron has forged a distinct 'art-pop' sound for herself at the corner of jazz and pop with poetic lyrics and persuasive piano. -- Aimsel Ponti, Portland Press Herald

New EP Fall 2015

Lovelies, You may have been seeing less of me on stages but it isn't because I haven't been playing my heart out for you.  For the past year I've been secretly (though I couldn't tell you quite why) recording a batch of new songs.  Some I have tried out at shows so they will be a bit known to you; others are hot off the piano. I flew East not once but twice for the always revelatory production expertise of Jon Evans... I am enamored with what we discovered in the songs.  We tracked with Jon on bass, guitars, and even a touch of background singing (!!), and the drop-dead awesome Matthias Bossi on drums, at Jon's gorgeous Brick Hill Studios.  Then back in California at the illustrious Fantasy Studios I worked with a dream-team of Julie Wolf helping me with my vocals, Erik Jacobson and Jeff Cressman on horns, and Ben Goldberg on clarinets, to round out the sound.  Adam Munoz killed it on the mixing board and Ken Lee mastered to all of my quirky perfectionistic satisfaction. Though I recorded what could constitute a full album, the first, at least, unveil is going to come as a 4-song EP this Fall.  I am delighted to be working with some very kind and fabulous people to help me do a proper release both in the UK and the US.  I am so proud this work... It's a new sound but somehow more my sound than ever.  I can't wait to share it with you.  Stay tuned for details as we all figure them out!!  Much love, Rachel 


Live footage from Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse, Berkeley, CA